Project Director:Teviot Resources, experienced international project management company, managed by former Rio Tinto Staff.

Site Manager: Silenus Resource Mangement, a local company with extensive project management experience with regional producers

Technical Advisers: Moose Mountain Technical Services, based out of Fernie. Unsurpassed knowledge of the area and requirements of programme. Advisers in community and sustainability matters.

Mining & Processing Advisors: Tetratech, a leader in international mining consultancy

Lead Environmental Consultants: Golder Associates.

First Nations, Community and Government Relations: C3 Alliance and Moose Mountain Technical Services.

Photo 1: Barry Lavin President of CPCM on site with Randy Polacik and Jim of TER contracting. TER are a valued a local contracting company who undertake our road upgrades and site preparation.
Photo 2 : Foraco Drilling, rig 104 drilling, from a well prepared drill site in Matheson Creek

Photo 3: CPCMs weather station installed in Coal Creek is gathering baseline environmental information relating to the climatic features of the area . The results are Compiled and aanlsysed by Golder associates , CPCM’s lead environmental consultant.