The Coal Creek Project

Location: Elk Valley BC.

Licence Area: Approx 200 KmĀ²

Target: prime hard coking coal and superior PCI

Ownership: 100% CPCM

CPCM is exploring this area with a view to establishing an underground coal mine focusing on premium quality hard coking coal.

Simple flat lying structure amenable to underground mining method. The property is located immediatly next to the existing main rail line transporting coking coal from nearby mines to the west coast ports of Vancouver and Prince Rupert

The project area is underlain by 11 named coal zones and represents one of the largest undeveloped metallurgical coal blocks in North America with resources estimated at over 5 billion tons. Selection and drilling of an initial mining area of approx. 100 Million Tonnes in the upper 3 zones commenced in 2011 and is continuing together with associated baseline environmental studies.

Some of the 11 zones host multiple seams that vary in thickness from 2 m to over 20 m and area hosted with in the 700 m thick Mist Mountain geological formation. The distances between the coal seams averages 50 m and will facilitate the independent mining of multiple horizons , a technique practiced in the historic operations of the area , The multiple seam occurrence also has a significant positive effect on the efficiency and costs of the capital infrastructure required to access and develop the resources.

Exploration Programme

Exploration commenced in 2011, following on from previous drilling that had been undertaken including in the 60s, 70s and 2000s to investigate the potential for coal and CBM . Their drill hole results, together with detailed mapping and sampling of almost 40 Km of outcrop, and extraordinary detailed maps and surveys of the previous small scale mining operations have allowed the CPCM to rapidly advance its knowledge and undertsnading of the property.

Drilling undertaken in 2011 and 2008 allowed CPCM to prove up the concept of a flat lying structure hosting multiple zones of high quality coal within the Mist Mountain formation and to identify that Coal Creek, being central to the property, already disturbed from previous operations, and with shallow accessible resources represented an ideal location to define an initial mining area (IMA).

Petrography , sampling and analysis work confirmed that the coal quality was on a par with the best in the world .

CPCM Drilling in Summer 2012 A 22 hole programme was completed over the summer / Autumn of 2012 in order to explore and prove up the resources of the Coal Creek IMA from near surface down to some 500m . The programme was well managed, accident free and has well defined the seams extent and quality within the target area.

Samples of coal were collected every 50cm in each hole and sent for quality analysis